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Contract Staffing
PPG recruits throughout the US and provides contract staffing for companies operating anywhere in the world. We work very hard to ensure we understand your business and requirements, and once we do, we can fill most positions within 48–72 hours. We can do this because we maintain a cleansed, up‐to‐date database of over 300,000 professionals – 25% of which are referral candidates: candidates not listed on major job boards or candidates that are currently employed and have been directly sourced by our professional recruiters.

When you have a contract employee who performs so well, and who becomes so well integrated into your organization, you may want to bring that person on full time. Should your company and the worker agree that you would like to change the nature of the relationship from contractor to full-time employee, we are happy to accommodate you and unlike traditional staffing firms we don’t charge a conversion fee! After they meet the probationary period they make a seamless transition from our payroll to your payroll at no additional cost.

Direct Placement
In many fields, a great employee outperforms a good employee by 10-20%. For most disciplines, it’s not uncommon for a great employee to be 2–4 times more productive. These are the kinds of people for whom we search. We maintain a database of over 300,000 candidates – whether or not they are currently employed. We will also give a discount rate on your 1st direct hire placement in order to earn the opportunity to partner and prove ourselves as a valuable extension of your HR Department.

Professional Partners Group provides a cost–effective alternative to employ and pay a technical workforce that you choose not to directly employ. Oftentimes this workforce is already known to you or previously in your employ.

Benefits of Technical Payrolling
Contractor care – All employees are assigned a personal recruiter to handle employment concerns while on assignment.
Cost savings – PPG is responsible for all employment costs: Unemployment (FUTA, SUI), FICA, insurance and benefits. Your company has more flexibility in managing its expenses with increased cash flow.
Lowest cost payrolling – Our payroll service is provided at a low cost markup from employee’s labor costs, resulting in fewer administrative responsibilities and less paperwork for your company.
Benefits – All payroll employees are provided access to low cost health insurance, 401k, and additional benefits and resources to promote stability, retention and positive outlook.
Selectability – Provide any compensation structure which fits your need in any particular circumstance. Your company compensation structure does not impede or encumber the true flexibility that payrolling provides.

Contact a PPG recruiter today to see if payrolling makes sense for you.